cLUNA Launch and PRISM Update

3 min readSep 30, 2022


The new cLUNA is now live on Terra Mainnet! We are excited to complete the first milestone on the road to bringing back a bigger and better PRISM.

Users can interact with cLUNA on Terra v2 at Users wishing to interact with the PRISM contracts on Terra Classic can access via

What is cLUNA and why is it important?

For PRISM to achieve its true potential it needs best-in-class liquid staking derivatives (LSDs). This means PRISM needs to control several important features:

  • Ability and frequency of autocompounding rewards
  • Ability to control fees charged by the LSD
  • Ability to control contract security and upgrades of the LSD
  • Ability to claim simple airdrops
  • Ability for the LSD to participate in governance
  • Ability for the LSD to operate multichain and interchain
  • Ability to make sure slashing is socialised equitably
  • Ability to choose validators

Ultimately, these are variables that should be controlled by PRISM Governance when the full protocol is live.

cASSETs will form the backbone of PRISM and offers the the user one-click staking with staking rewards automatically autocompounded.


What is the goal of PRISM

PRISM aims to be the first protocol specifically dedicated to the monetising, trading and deploying of cashflows from yield-bearing assets on any blockchain.

What happens next?

Efforts are focused on two main areas:

  1. The Refracting Hub — this is where cASSETs can be split into their yield and principal components. In contrast to PRISM V1, PRISM V2 will focus on maturities, for example a user could sell their right to ETH yield until December 2022, whilst maintaining all their principal exposure to ETH price.
  2. More cASSETS — PRISM will iterate on cLUNA to make it the gold-standard of LSDs and then roll out this formula to other large market-cap Proof-of-Stake assets. PRISM will aim to fully launch with many cASSETs available to be refracted.

For more information on the PRISM v2 roadmap please see this article

How does cLUNA work?

cLUNA is the liquid token that represents your share of the total LUNA in the vault. Your LUNA will be locked in the vault, delegated and you will receive the newly minted, and liquid, cLUNA. Over time, as your LUNA delegation accrues staking rewards which are autocompounded, the value of your cLUNA appreciates. There is no waiting time for receiving cLUNA tokens. A user can instantly exchange cLUNA for LUNA at any time in the open market.

Who are the validators?

Our genesis validator cohort has been chosen from community validators who have supported PRISM previously: SCV, Galactic Punks, PFC, Danku Zone and Orbital Command. We will be adding more validators in due course; if you are a validator who is interested please do reach out on the community discord.

Will cLUNA charge fees?

cLUNA will be launched with zero fees!

Where can I trade cLUNA?

A liquidity pool has been created on Astroport.

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Has cLUNA been audited?

cLUNA has successfully passed an audit by the prestigous firm Oak Security who will be publishing the results of the audit on their github soon.

Wen Token?

We expect any token to be launched nearby or alongside the refracting hub.

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