How to turbo-charge your yLUNA yield


We have completed PRISM Forge & PRISM Swap, and are now excited for the next phases of the launch: PRISM Refract and PRISM Farm. During these phases, users will be able to:

To dive deeper into PRISM Farm; this phase is akin to the “Community Farming Events”, “Pylon Pools”, and “Private Farming Events” commonly seen in the Terra ecosystem. We anticipate that this will be a popular yield-farming opportunity and the available APRs could be significantly higher than the standard $yLUNA staking APR.

During PRISM Farm:

This phase will amplify yield for $yLUNA holders and value capture for $xPRISM holders. $xPRISM benefits when large amounts of yield-bearing assets are refracted. The larger the amount of $yLUNA during PRISM Farm, the higher the revenue to be distributed to $xPRISM holders.

With this in mind, we’re excited to introduce the amplified yields in PRISM Farm, called AMPS. AMPS help align Phase 4 participants’ incentives with the incentives of long-term $xPRISM holders by enabling users to signal their commitment and deposit $xPRISM tokens into a boosting vault. Committing more $xPRISM tokens and over a longer period of time will earn more AMPS and consequently earn even higher yields in PRISM Farm. Put simply, the more $xPRISM a user stakes and the longer it has been staked for, the higher the yield available to the user in Phase 4.

A few key details about AMPS:

AMPS are designed to achieve several goals:

This boosting mechanism could also have other utility throughout a user’s interactions with the protocol. Some examples of potential utility:

To clarify, holding $xPRISM is not a requirement in order to participate in the PRISM Farm. However, users wishing to maximize their $yLUNA yield will want to accumulate and stake $PRISM.

We will be releasing specific mechanisms and an accompanying calculator in the coming weeks. In the meantime, come chat with the team and join the community discussions over on Telegram or Discord.

Let’s get AMPed up!



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