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PRISM has been built and developed using the combined expertise of the most impactful builders and participants in DeFi, especially Terra. All of the core contributors and partners play an essential role in the building, designing, and functioning of the protocol.

We are delighted to introduce them:

Terraform Labs

Terraform Labs is the open source blockchain software developer that created the Terra blockchain. Its mission is to set money free by decentralizing it. Money is a technology that can be improved through innovation and the Terra protocol deploys a suite of algorithmic, fiat-pegged stablecoins underpinning a thriving DeFi ecosystem with decentralized applications which have redesigned monetary technology.

In contributing to PRISM, Terraform Labs leveraged its development expertise, including high-profile decentralized products like Anchor Protocol.

To learn more please visit and follow @terra_money

Jump Crypto

Jump Crypto is at the forefront of supporting, developing and enabling digital asset ecosystems by building the infrastructure necessary for innovative protocols, dApps and platforms to operate and advance. Launched in 2015 by Jump Trading Group, Jump Crypto has more than 100 employees globally. A seasoned team of engineers, problem solvers and leading thinkers in the crypto ecosystem, Jump Crypto plays an integral role in the development of the largest and most important communities in crypto today.

Jump’s engineering pipelines, battle experience and ability to solve complex problems have played an especially important role for the Terra community via their governance proposals regarding the Terra stability mechanism.

Terra on-chain liquidity parameters
Terra on-chain liquidity parameters 2

To learn more, please visit and follow at @JumpCryptoHQ.


Hashed is a global, multi-billion dollar crypto venture fund focused on backing founders pioneering the future of web3. Led by serial entrepreneurs and engineers, Hashed is accelerating global blockchain adoption through strategic investments and community building. Based in Seoul, San Francisco, Singapore and Bangalore, Hashed has cultivated industry-defining web3 founders around the globe by accelerating teams such as Terra Money, Axie Infinity, Klaytn (Kakao), and The Sandbox. Hashed additionally operates metaverse studio UNOPND and Asia digital assets custody service KODA.

Hashed is much more than a venture capital provider, it is an active participant in DeFi, supporting protocols with market-making expertise, liquidity provision, TVL bootstrapping, advisory services, NFT strategies and more. It has played an especially important role in the Terra ecosystem as one of the earliest validators of the Terra network and largest holders of LUNA. Hashed will play a similarly important role for PRISM and, in addition to many other services, will also be contributing 9-figures worth of UST and LUNA to bootstrap the protocol TVL and liquidity pools.

To find out more visit, follow HASHED and @hashed_offical

Refracted LABS

Refracted LABS is a team of builders with a passion for DeFi, decentralised stablecoins, and splitting tokens into their yield and principal components. The original concept for PRISM was borne out of our founding team’s decades of experience in the global fixed income markets whilst working on the trading floors of the world’s largest investment banks. Traders, builders, designers, and developers assembled to help create PRISM with a singular vision to give users better tools to manage their exposures to price or yield.

To find out more visit


PRISM is delighted to have such a strong lineup of core contributors and partners who are committed to seeing the success of the protocol and have proven themselves to be long-term partners. Vesting tokens for contributors and partners are subject to a smooth linear vesting period between month 6 and month 24. As it is linear, there are no large single unlocks, and everyone receiving vesting tokens plays a crucial role in the building, designing, and functioning of the protocol.

We are excited to launch on Feb 1st, 7am UTC.

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