Prism Protocol v2 Roadmap

Prism v1 Launch Recap:

  • Dashboard — a quick view of protocol health metrics such as TVL, asset prices & market caps.
  • MyPage — a single view for users to track their own TVL throughout the protocol, quick links & the ability to claim rewards.
  • Charts — Chart any Prism Swap asset against UST, LUNA or PRISM using trading view charts & the associated charting tools.
  • Data Dashboard — Working alongside Flipside Crypto we have launched as a one stop shop for in depth Prism analytics, we will keep building the data available over time.

Prism Protocol v2:

  • A cluster of Prism LP tokens containing yLUNA/PRISM, pLUNA/PRISM & cLUNA PRISM.
  • A dynamically adjusting pLUNA or yLUNA maxi cluster that maintains a certain ratio of p:y LUNA.
  • Once more assets have been refracted, a cluster of different pAssets or yAssets.
  • A cluster of autocompounding tokens that includes xPRISM alongside other assets such as xASTRO, xMARS & xKNTC.
  • Holders of $xPRISM, but not $yLUNA
  • Holders of $yLUNA, but not $xPRISM
  • New participants in Prism Farm who want to immediately be able to boost their rewards



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