Prism Validator

2 min readNov 24, 2022


Prism Validator

We are excited to announce the launch of the PRISM Protocol validator on Terra. In addition to the usual reasons for starting a validator please see below for some use cases that are specifically relevant for the protocol.

  • Promote decentralization of the network: in the future the principal tokens created by Prism will be used for proxy governance. The votes from these principal tokens can also be used to decide the validator’s votes.
  • Slashing insurance: Many staking derivatives do not have mechanisms to deal with slashing of the underlying validators. cLUNA has an existing mechanism but this can be augmented with profits from the validator to make-whole any slashing.
  • MEV redistribution: With the dawn of protocols such as Skip, validators may be able to monetise “good MEV”. It is only right that these benefits go to delegators and cLUNA holders.
  • Validating revenue: this can be a sustainable way of contributing to funding protocol development and avoid the need to raise external funds by allocating excessive amounts of tokens to third parties such as VCs.

The validator will have an introductory period with 0% commission after which it will move to a market rate.

If you would like to support Prism and delegate please click here.

For more details on the v2 roadmap please see here.


We will shortly be publishing details on how to earn an airdrop in Prism V2 which will include early supporters of the validator.

To support PRISM follow below steps:

To delegate ot redelegate please click on this link:

If you already have LUNA delegated to another validator and are looking to redelegate then please click “Redelegate”

Please follow us on twitter for updates and join discord for discussion or to ask questions.






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